Ivana Svetlik

My name is Ivana Svetlik. I am a tourism expert by education, and an artist by heart.

I am professionally dedicated to tourism and art in a broader sense, with daily work with people. I am also a folklorist with a sincere attitude towards traditions. Arriving in Kovačica - the metropolis of the naive, I return to my old love - painting.

By connecting my affinities, my canvases show a world full of characters intertwined with the culture and tradition of living here. The main character is a "Frajla" - a long-legged young woman, dressed in various Slovak costumes, who, when found in Kovacica, spends time with daily activities in the countryside, and on the other hand she travels the world and shows its beauty. The accompanying character is a young male person "Kicoš", who follows a female character in every domain.

The pseudonym SvetLikova came from the surname Svetlik. In the Slovak language, it is common to add the suffix -ova to the surname of a female person, so I am Svetlíková. And when you play with words, you can get the World of Characters, which I guide you through my works. See for yourself!

  • Day of bitrh1986
  • CityKovačica
  • AddressŠturova 39
  • Mobile phone+381603155446
  • Emailsvet.likova.kovacica@gmail.com