Jan Knjazovic

Born in 1925 in Kovačica. Died in 1985.
He completed six grades of the primary school in Kovačica. He was a farmer.
Lived and worked in Kovačica. He is one of the most famous naïve painters in the region. There were several stages of his work, there was the dark stage as well as the bright one, he painted paintings of the night and his uniqueness lies in a rather specific portrayal of humans. He used oil on canvas and produced genre art, panoramas, landscapes and animal motifs, and without any doubt he understood colors and their relations perfectly. He was one of the Kovacica painters with an extraordinary talent.
He became a member of the Gallery of Naïve Art in 1952.

  • Day of bitrh1925
  • Day of death1985
  • CityKovačica

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