Jan Strakušek

Born in 1926 in Kovačica. Died in 2014.
He completed four grades of the primary school in Kovačica, and then a building construction course in Kovačica, after which he completed two grades of a technical school for building construction which got him a diploma of a building construction manager.
Before he retired he worked for a building construction company in Kovačica.
Lived and worked in Kovačica.
He painted various topics and motifs, and beside usin oil on canvas to show a village and a lifestyle of Kovačica in the past, he also pained war themes, stories about hunting and realistic portraits, and he also painted still life and animal motifs.
He became a member of the Gallery of Naïve Art in 1954..

  • Day of bitrh1926
  • Day of death2014
  • CityKovačica