Martin Jonaš

Born in 1924 in Kovačica. Died in 1996.
He completed four grades of the primary school in Kovačica. He was a farmer.
Lived and worked in Kovačica.
His paintings have a specific philosophy of art, they show a hard work of farmers who have augmented limbs which makes him recognizable and unique, as well as acknowledged in the world of naïve art. Along with Sokol, he painted one of the first paintings of naïve art in Kovačica in 1953. He used oil on canvas, drawings, linocut, woodcut. He mostly painted genre art but in his rich work there are also portraits, panoramas, landscapes, animal motifs and figures. He is one of the most famous naïve painters coming from this region.
He became a member of the Gallery of Naïve Art in 1952.

  • Day of bitrh1924
  • Day of death1996
  • CityKovačica

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